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Our Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) program is the highest professional degree for Christian leaders engaged in vocational ministry and is designed to increase ministry effectiveness, while focusing primarily on the practical outworking of Christian ministry supported by academic research. This program will help Christian leaders develop a deeper understanding of biblical principles and strategies so they can serve more effectively in their leadership roles. Students entering the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min) program must be at least 35 years of age, must be a licensed/ordained minister and have at least seven (7) years of verifiable leadership experience as a Pastor or Ministry Leader, have at least a Masters Degree in a ministry-related field of study (i.e. Christian Education, Ministry, Theology, Biblical Studies, Divinity, Christian Counseling, etc.) with at least 174 semester hours of study, with at leas a minimum 3.00 GPA, have three ministry references, and be at least 30 years of age in order to be considered for acceptance into this program of study. Students will be required to complete chapter summaries and/or answer discussion questions at the end of each chapter with at least 300 words at the discretion of the class instructor and complete a final written assignment (thesis) of at least 10,000 words to successfully complete this program of study.

8 Courses
32 Semester Hours



By Mail: 

  • $185.00 - per course. 
  • $1480.00 - full tuition*

* these courses are only available by mail. students receive textbooks by mail and submit all assignments online.