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Our Doctor of Christian Education (D.CED) program is designed for Christian leaders who would like to be better equipped to serve and lead other in the area of Christian education. Students will gain advanced experience and increased competence in designing and developing focused programs of study and curriculum for a variety of Christian education venues. Using the acquired skills, students will be able to analyze the history, philosophy, and current issues in education in order to apply and evaluate the various theories and practices of education in their ministry context. Students seeking to enter this program of study must be a licensed/ordained minister in good standing, have at least 5 years of verifiable ministry leadership experience, have at least a Masters Degree in a ministry-related field of study, with at least a 3.0 GPA, have three ministry references and be at least 30 years of age  in order to be considered for acceptance this program of study.

8 Courses
32 Semester Hours




  • $155.00 - per course*

By Mail: 

  • $185.00 - per course*

* Only the first three courses are available online. The remainder of the courses are available only by mail.