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Our Doctor of Christian Counseling (D.CC) program primarily equips persons for vocations of ministering and research in the Christian counseling arena, as well as the scholarly enhancement of ministerial counseling practice. The program trains pastors, counselors, and scholars to think and practice wisely in caring for people amid the complexities of human life. Students are required to submit online exams and/or written assignments as assigned by instructors and submit a final thesis of at least 10,000 words. This degree not only provides advanced scholarship in the theological, historical, and contemporary aspects of Christian counseling, but also fosters case wisdom, skill in biblical interpretation, and appreciation for the church’s role in the care of people. Students entering the Doctor of Christian Counseling program must be a licensed/ordained minister, have at least 5 years of verifiable ministry experience, have at least a Masters in a ministry-related field of study with at least 174 semester hours of study with at least 3.0 GPA, and three ministry references in order to be considered for acceptance into this program of study. 

8 Courses
32 Semester Hours




  • $155.00 - per course*

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  • $175.00 - per course**