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Our Certificate in Christian Counseling program equips students with the basic counseling skills and knowledge that fits with a professional model; but are also useful for pastors, church  and lay leaders who want to improve their work within the church. In addition, small group leaders, educators, and pregnancy counseling volunteers have found these courses helpful. Mental health professionals seeking distinctly Christian and faith-based counseling skills may also wish to complete the certificate. There are no prerequisites for this program of study. All students are accepted. Students will be required to complete student exams with at least a 60.0 minimum passing score and/or submit written assignments as directed by instructors. Students study at their own pace, but must submit at least one student exam or assignment every 30 days in order to maintain active status.

3 Courses

(9 Semester Hours)


*denotes courses that are available online. only the first course is available online. the other two courses are available by mail only.



  • $50.00 - per course
  • $200.00 - full tuition

By Mail

  • $75.00 - per course
  • $225.00 - full tuition