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GBCS offers opportunities for your church/ministry to to establish a Satellite School in your local community to training to teach, train and disciple others by offering our Associates and Bachelors Degree programs. It is such a blessing to be able to reach and teach others around the world through our Online Degree programs; while at the same time empowering churches/ministries for greater outreach in their local communities. Here is an example of a Pastor who started a Satellite School in her local church with 10 students taking one course every month @ $130.00 a course: This Pastor is now generating $1300.00 a month for her ministry outreach teaching classroom courses. She is also an Online Affiliate who enrolls other students out of her local area in our online programs and earns $20.00 for every course that an Associates Degree student completes. No record keeping. No Textbooks. All 100% online.


Our Satellite School program allows qualified applicants the opportunity to establish a school in their local community to offer our Associates and Bachelors Degree programs. You would offer courses at our regular tuition rate and receive 75% of all tuition generated by your school. You can also enroll students in our online programs and receive 25% commission of all tuition for all students who enroll in our online program. All exams are submitted online through our Online Student Center.

Why Start A Ministry Bible School?

1. Partner with other churches around the world in order to fulfill our mission of "making disciples of all nations".

2. Generate Income. It pays for itself and can generate additional income for local ministry.

3. It's affordable. The total tuition for our Associates Degree is $5310.00 and our Bachelors Degree is $5760.00, which includes student textbooks. You also have the option of enrolling students in our online program which costs only $720.00 for the Associates and $900.00 for the Bachelors and students can pay as they go.

4. It’s flexible.You set the course schedule, either six or eight week courses and choose the days and times that you will meet.

5. Equip your congregation. Empower people to reach your community and the world for Christ. We offer courses in evangelism, missions, preaching, teaching, counseling, education, etc.

6. Join a committed community of church leaders and pastors who are committed to global evangelism and discipleship.

7. Customized Branding. You can customize your local ministry branding, for instance if your church/ministry is called: "Bethany Christian Center", your school can be called: "Bethany Bible College".


Teachers must be at least 35 years of age and have at least an Associates Degree in a ministry-related field of study in order to teach our Associates Degree courses and have at least a Bachelors Degree in a ministry-related field of study in order to teach our Bachelors Degree courses. You will need to submit a copy of your transcripts for review. Once your transcripts have been approved, you can then start the Teacher Certification Program and upon successful completion you can order your course materials and get started enrolling students. The certification program only applies to those who want to teach classroom courses. Online Affiliates do not have to complete the certification program, since those students will be studying independently online through our Online Student Center.


  • Teacher Certification Program - $65.00.
  • Associates Degree Materials -  $360.00 or or $20.00 per course.
  • Bachelors Degree Materials - $504.00 or $28.00 per course
  • Associates & Bachelors Materials  - $864.00 both programs.

Includes a copy of student and instructor guides for each course. You can order course materials one course at a time or you can order the complete set of materials at one time.


Our online affiliate program allows participants to enroll students in one of our online undergraduate programs and earn 25% of all tuition generated by students that you enroll. All students study independently online through our Online Student Center, where they will download their course materials and submit exams for grading.

Start Your Ministry Bible School in 6 Steps

1. Complete the Satellite School application.
2. Submit copies of your ministry-related transcripts.
3. Complete our Teacher Certification Program.
4. Order your course materials.
5. Promote your school.
6. Enroll your students.


Thank you for your interest in joining our team. Someone from our office will contact you if you meet our minimum qualifications.
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