"Where Vision Becomes Mission"


Grace Bible College & Seminary (GBCS) was founded in May 2003 in Roanoke, AL under the leadership of our Founder/President - Lyndon B. Hutcherson, as the educational and training ministry of Amazing Grace Ministries which is designed to train, equip, and mobilize believers for works of service through global evangelism and discipleship. GBCS serves as the official educational and ministry training center for the Ambassadors Ministerial Fellowship and Christ Universal Church. We offer five programs of study from Certificate to Doctorate level, which can be studied online, by mail, or in the classroom at one of our local Network Training Centers. Since it's inception, GBCS has reached more than 16 nations and equipped hundreds of students around the world, who are obeying the great commission to go therefore and make disciples of all nations. Grace Bible College & Seminary is accredited by the International Association of Christian Schools, which provides accreditation for Christian schools, churches, and ministries with a vision for global evangelism and discipleship. At Grace Bible College & Seminary, we are committed to helping our students grow in their faith, increase their knowledge of the Bible, and develop their ministry gifts and we offer licensing/ordination for eligible graduates through the Ambassadors Ministerial Fellowship, church planting opportunities through Christ Universal Church, as well as, teaching opportunities through our Satellite School program to train and equip others in their local communities. Education should start with the goal and work backwards. No wise person charts a course until he decides on a destination. The wise educator will decide exactly what end they want to accomplish in the lives of their students. They then carefully chart a course that will lead them to arrive at this desired end. No wise cook would decide to mix some cocoa, sugar and other ingredients to see what would happen; but rather would say, “I think I’ll make some fudge.” The cook then finds a recipe for fudge. Though the end never justifies the means, the end must determine the means. Grace Bible College & Seminary, by its very nature does not have the same goal as a public or secular school. Because, if we do not share the same goal, how can we share the same methods? If we do not share the same destination, how can we share the same route? If we do not desire the same answer, how then can we work the same problem? Here is the first question that you should ask yourself before enrolling in GBCS... "What is my goal and what God's plan for my life?"

We look forward to helping you reach your goals.

In His Service,

Bishop Lyndon B. Hutcherson


Grace Bible College & Seminary